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YEP (Youth Enterprise Project)

Youth Enterprise Project

To empower at-risk youth to become productive members of the business 

Mission: It is the mission of the Youth Enterprise Project to use existing community youth organizations as a platform for the creation of business ventures. We commit to provide capital, technical support, human resource development and business adaptation strategies in order to ensure the success of the business venture. It is also our mission to empower at-risk youth to not only produce personal income, but also to invest 10% of the annual revenues from the business in existing or new youth enterprise projects and an additional 10% in local humanitarian/benevolent programs.

  1. To identify/formalize skills/resources/aspirations within community-based youth organizations.
  2. To network with local business support resources including SBA, SCORE, local business leaders and mentors to enable youth to develop a viable business plan.
  3. To provide managerial, administrative and manual/labor experience in a functional business.
  4. To promote the academic and professional development of participants through educational grants
  5. To encourage viability through monitoring of business trends, pilot programs and the consideration of merger/sell opportunities.
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