AOH Colorado Outreach Org
 A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
Apostolic Ministries in Action

Organizational Churches

Apostolic Ministries in Action strongly believes in global inclusivity. We have a five phase approach to our "planting model". It's essential to start with a local church. However, we believe that we can better serve and positively impact the community with a technology school, apartment units, an investment in our youth with an enterprise project and a health care clinic. Though investing in the spiritual man is critical, it is also necessary to serve the natural man and we believe our business model enables us to do

Listed below are the phases:
1. A Local Church in Your Area
2. Daycare Facility 
3. A 21st Technology School Partnering with Global Technology Companies 
4. Modular Multi-Unit Apartments
5. A Youth Enterprise Project - Entrepreneurship 
6. Heath Care Clinic 

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